Invited Speakers

Conference Program

Monday August 8th

(Session chairs: 9:30-12pm – David Doty, 2-5pm – Damien Woods)

8amCheck-in opens
9–9:30amMain conference welcome and introduction
9:30–10:30amKEYNOTE TALK: Models of self-assembling systems: varying levels of abstraction and objectives
Matthew Patitz (University of Arkansas, USA)
11–11:30amCovered DNA core tiles for robust tuning of spurious nucleation
Trent Rogers, Constantine Evans and Damien Woods
11:30am–12pmSAT-assembly: Designing minimum complexity building blocks to assemble arbitrary shapes
Joakim Bohlin, Ard Louis, Andrew Turberfield and Petr Sulc
12–2pmLunch (on your own)
2–2:30pmOn Turedo Hierarchies and Intrinsic Universality
Samuel Nalin and Guillaume Theyssier (eligible for best student presentation award)
2:30–3pmComputing Real Numbers with Large-Population Protocols Having a Continuum of Equilibria
Xiang Huang and Rachel Huls
3:30–3:45pmFridge Compiler: automated synthesis of molecular circuits
Lancelot Wathieu, Gus Smith, Luis Ceze and Chris Thachuk
3:45–4pmSingle-pass transmembrane double-stranded DNA with functional toeholds for non-destructive intra- and extravesicular nucleic acid target recognition
Gde Bimananda Mahardika Wisna, Nirbhik Acharya, Tarushyam Mukherjee, Ranjan Sasmal, Hao Yan and Rizal Hariadi
4–4:30pmFast and robust strand displacement cascades via systematic design strategies
Tiernan Kennedy, Cadence Pearce and Chris Thachuk (eligible for best student presentation award)
4:30–5pmA cooperative DNA catalyst
Dallas Taylor, Samuel Davidson and Lulu Qian (eligible for best student presentation award)
5:30–7:30pmPoster session 1 (Student Union Building, SUB)

Tuesday August 9th

(Session chairs: 9-12pm – Chris Thachuk, 2-5:30pm – David Soloveichik)

9–10amKEYNOTE TALK: Dynamic control of biomolecular phase separation
Elisa Franco (University of California Los Angeles, USA)
10–10:30amExploring Material Design Space with a Deep-Learning Guided Genetic Algorithm
Kuan-Lin Chen and Rebecca Schulman (eligible for best student presentation award)
11–11:30amProtecting heterochiral DNA nanostructures against exonuclease-mediated degradation
Tracy Mallette and Matthew R. Lakin (eligible for best student presentation award)
11:30–12pmDNA strand-displacement temporal logic circuits
Anna Lapteva, Namita Sarraf and Lulu Qian (eligible for best student presentation award)
12–2pmLunch (on your own)
2–2:15pmScaling up reusable DNA circuits using heat as a universal energy source
Tianqi Song and Lulu Qian
2:15–2:30pmHighly Parallel Synthesis, Computation, and Readout of DNA Logic Gates using High-Throughput Synthesis and Sequencing
Chandler Petersen, Samantha Borje, Gourab Chatterjee, Yuan-Jyue Chen and Georg Seelig
2:30–3:30pmKEYNOTE TALK: Hourglass emergence + collective computation in nature
Jessica Flack (Santa Fe Institute, USA)
4–4:30pmGrowth dynamics: Precisely controlled self-assembly order of DNA tile nanostructures
Constantine Evans, David Doty and Damien Woods
4:30–5pmUniversal Shape Replication Via Self-Assembly With Signal-Passing Tiles
Andrew Alseth, Matthew Patitz and Daniel Hader
5–5:30pmAlgorithmic DNA origami: Scaffolded DNA computation in one and two dimensions
Tristan Stérin, Abeer Eshra and Damien Woods (eligible for best student presentation award)
5:30–7:30pmPoster session 2 (Student Union Building, SUB)

Wednesday August 10th

(Session chairs: 9-11am – Lulu Qian, 11:30am-1pm – Satoshi Murata)

9–10amKEYNOTE TALK: Strand exchange reactions for analysis and computation
Andrew Ellington (University of Texas at Austin, USA)
10–10:30amToehold-Mediated Strand Displacement in Random Sequence Pools
Thomas Mayer, Lukas Oesinghaus and Friedrich C. Simmel (eligible for best student presentation award)
10:30–11amParallel molecular computation on digital data stored in DNA
Boya Wang, Siyuan S Wang, Cameron Chalk, Andrew D Ellington and David Soloveichik
11:30am–12pmRule-of-thumb-free geometry-driven design of arbitrary complex curved DNA origami with ENSnano
Nicolas Levy, Allan Mills, Gaétan Bellot and Nicolas Schabanel (eligible for best student presentation award)
12–12:30pmA Coupled Reconfiguration Mechanism for Single-Stranded DNA Strand Displacement Systems
Hope Amber Johnson and Anne Condon
12:30–1pmSupervised learning in DNA-based winner-take-all neural networks
Kevin Cherry and Lulu Qian (eligible for best student presentation award)
1–1:30pmConference group photograph
1:30–6pmExcursion to Old Town Albuquerque
6–10pmConference dinner at Explora

Thursday August 11th

(Session chairs: 9am-12:30pm – Matthew Lakin, 2-4:30pm – Ho-Lin Chen)

9–10:30amTULIP AWARD KEYNOTE TALK: Computational Design of Nucleic Acid Circuits
Andrew Phillips
11–11:30amMetal-Mediated Molecular Programming in DNA
Simon Vecchioni, Brandon Lu, Yoel Ohayon, Karol Woloszyn, Chengde Mao, James Canary, Nadrian Seeman and Ruojie Sha
11:30am–12:30pmSPECIAL PANEL: A Tribute to Ned Seeman
12:30–2pmLunch (on your own)
2–2:30pmThe Structural Power of Reconfigurable Circuits in the Amoebot Model
Andreas Padalkin, Christian Scheideler and Daniel Warner
2:30–3pmFault-Tolerant Shape Formation in the Amoebot Model
Daniel Warner, Christian Scheideler and Irina Kostitsyna
3:30–4pmModelling and optimisation of a DNA stack nano-device using probabilistic model checking
Bowen Li, Neil Mackenzie, Ben Shirt-Ediss, Natalio Krasnogor and Paolo Zuliani
4–4:30pmNUPACK: Molecular Programming in the Cloud
Mark E. Fornace, Jining Huang, Cody T. Newman, Nicholas J. Porubsky, Marshall B. Pierce and Niles A. Pierce
4:30–4:45pmMain conference closing

Friday August 12th (Computational Modeling Workshop Day)

9:15–9:30amWorkshop welcome and introduction
9:30–10:00amThe Tall, Thin Molecular Programmer
Erik Winfree
10:00–10:30amAutomated Leak Analysis of Nucleic Acid Circuits
Andrew Phillips
11am–1pmNUPACK tutorial: analysis and design of nucleic acid systems with the all-new NUPACK cloud web app
Mark E. Fornace, Jining Huang, Cody T. Newman, and Niles A. Pierce
1–2:30pmLunch (on your own)
2:30–3pmA roadmap for the future development of ENSnano
Nicolas Levy
3–3:30pmThe oxDNA ecosystem
Petr Sulc
3:30–4:30pmOpen format panel / discussion
4:30–4:45pmWorkshop closing